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Intellectual Property: Additional Strategies

NTP-IP Innovations' main mission is to work with development groups using a variety of techniques ranging from focused advice to rapid prototyping to effectively startup, establish, and maintain an appropriate Intellectual Property portfolio. Often, novel approaches are required to leverage new ideas to enhance market performance. Be prepared to examine those too.

Although companies have many reasons to own a substantial IP portfolio, the most important reason is basically to enhance “your freedom to act” in a competitive business environment. Enhancing this freedom often requires creative approaches that extend well beyond a patent-only portfolio. Widening the scope of your IP and considering other factors is often helpful.

Consider: IP interference has resulted in an unprecedented legal nightmare for companies who offer a competitively visible product or service. This is especially true for successful players who become increasingly larger targets as they expand sales. The reality of this situation soon becomes apparent to anyone who is in business to make money: “Entering your market with a new product without full-spectrum IP protection is never a good strategy.”

Beware: Neglecting IP issues can also result in decreased access to financial capital and inability to make effective headway in attractive markets dominated by major enterprises. Recent patent legislation is also setting the stage for more changes. The White Paper references listed in the right side-panel provide additional details about critical business processes relating to IP strategy, or board game, as it often seems.

Note: There are multiple forms of IP to consider. Be sure to get a full understanding of trademarks, domain names, copyrights and trade secrets. By adding these protections to your portfolio, it is possible to control your competitors’ actions more effectively. These other forms of IP work in different time frames than patents. They are also quicker and more cost effective to implement with approving agencies.

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