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Our Mission for Intellectual Property:

"Making IP an Integral Part of the Success Process"

Who We Are --

NTP-IP Innovations is an Intellectual Property (IP) services firm specializing in IP-Centric legal services aimed at maximizing the potential of novel technologies.

Because of the technical nature of patents, and to a lesser degree, other forms of IP, most of our work is focused on the Engineering side of Product Development.  However, we have aided our clients' Marketing, Project Management, and Information Systems groups to execute business plan objectives for IP implementations that span multiple functional groups within an organization.

Our job is to help you answer tough questions about the value of your IP. This includes determining whether it's even worth pursuing at all! We support your portfolio building efforts at every step along the way. This starts with a concept, followed by a look at what competitors have done, calculating potential values, and finally preparing properly timed materials for filing with the appropriate firms and agencies.

Even if there is a mountain of prior art to analyze, we'll organize yours, so it makes sense.