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Innovative IP Solutions

We invite you to consider NTP-IP Innovations, a business-oriented resource, providing practical solutions for your Intellectual Property needs (IP= Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, and Domain Names). These are used to protect your organization's hard-earned competitive advantage. "IP Protections" work in concert to address the "rip-offs" of your original ideas. In fact, protecting your creative assets is the essence of IP.

It is never a simple matter to prepare for the actions of competitors in advance, but it's a good bet that the people who are working on your development teams already know the "what's hot -- what's not " in relation to your competition. By analyzing the contrast between real market conditions and current development projects, we can supply you with a general plan of attack to efficiently establish the best IP priority-set going forward.

This approach can be adapted to your current business situation whether you are an individual inventor, a company initiating a new product offering, or an enterprise with a well-established market share.