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An intelligent IP strategy and asset management philosophy is critical to capitalizing your best ideas. We help you maximize the value of your IP assets by applying leverage in appropriate ways to enhance your 3rd party business arrangements.

We encourage you to take a hard look at what you believe are hard IP assets and evaluate them as property that is "on the books". Then contact us for a review and we should be able to provide you with a set of objectives that can be used to enhance the asset value substantially. With a good program in place, it is possible to do this affordably.

As your development teams continue to roll out new products and services, the enhancement process may be repeated, thus substantiating an ever-increasing value of your IP assets. This will continue to positively affect the company's overall book value. As a result, a robust IP portfolio may be used to leverage a variety of financial options.

This includes areas that add new value potential such as obtaining improved loan terms, preparing for a public offering, attracting venture capital, or negotiating more attractive cross-licensing agreements. It is possible to enhance each of these areas with Intellectual Property components that include patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

As anyone who keeps up with today’s technology news knows, patents are often employed through legal means to secure monopolistic control of a market, thus managing the behavior of its participants. You may be overlooking the advantages of owning an effective portfolio. Pleasecontact us about your IP portfolio issuessoon. We can help clarify the risk of mismanaging your creative works, in light of marketplace realities.

Most enterprises are organized around processes that support the final delivery of products and services to the customer. Often, organizations wait too long to take an interest in protecting their work before it becomes a major issue in the sales channel.

By then, it is too late to affordably control unfair competition. The costs involved to "catch up" in this area are significant and may affect several quarters of financial performance.

We are focused on making changes to your internal operating procedures that actively examine competitive offerings from an IP perspective. It is then possible to restrict competitor actions by applying Intellectual Property as required to address the situation before it begins to affect your profit & loss picture.

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