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Eventually, most innovators reach a point in their evolution where excessive time is spent chasing after countless technological opportunities with increasingly limited resources. Sound familiar? In these situations, you may find it appropriate to refocus on the critical inventive elements that represent the true foundation of your creative assets.

After review, these often define the primary areas on which to concentrate your IP resources. But this is not always a "given". NTP-IP Innovations can help address many of the questions that remain on the table as you formulate a business plan.

We can also help in finalizing the IP component of a new technology go-to-market plan. This includes gathering input from Marketing about new customer requirements.

Example of a Successful Patent Review That Considered Customer Needs --

We have worked on several projects where a new marketing plan was created by simply looking at the "customer needs gaps" required to enter a new market. By focusing on the need's gaps found during the review, it became much easier to draft a plan to address the new market conditions.

Once the changes were made, it was easy to out-maneuver competitors who, because they initially overlooked the gaps moved too slowly to meet their customer requirements. As part of this plan, patents were filed and granted in parallel with the development effort.

As the result of a successful product launch, the company took the lead. Unfortunately, one of their larger competitors tried to slow them down by hitting them with Intellectual Property claims! But because the company had a plan in place that included IP considerations, the cross-licensing "deal" they put together was much less costly than a lawsuit. Their IP plan worked as intended!

No matter what solutions you choose to capitalize on your technology, we will give you practical advice that is in your own best interest. This is because we are primarily motivated to turn your best ideas into a thriving business, despite your competition.

Pleasecontact us about your technology planstoday and consider us in an advisory role for:

  • Product Documentation Assistance for Technical Staff
  • Custom IP Project Definition and Execution
  • Inventor Creative Sessions to Glean Ideas
  • Production of Technical Documentation That's "Patent Ready"
  • Patent Attorney Selection Assistance
  • Litigation Support for Patent Targeting & Invalidation
  • Employee Incentive Plans for IP
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