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Keeping Your IP Moving Forward

In today’s sharply-focused development environment it is even more important than ever to keep the flow of new ideas moving through the pipeline in preparation for the future when hot markets open up for the designs you're creating today.

However, with tight budgets and intense demands on development time, it is difficult to maintain IP priorities. Therefore, it may be a good decision to let an independent resource work along with your busy staff to assure your Patent Intellectual Property Rights are secured well in advance of each product release. This is accomplished by providing a continuous coordination of IP protection as products move into the sales mainstream.

By integrating critical IP activities into your project templates, we can work together to assure that new projects are modeled to efficiently to include IP tasks into their work breakdown structures. One of the advantages of doing this in advance is that IP tasks can be arranged to remain off the critical path so as not to interfere with the overall delivery timeline.

We can help put this together with yourTechnical Project Managementgroup and review new projects to make proactive adjustments. As a result, IP keeps moving forward in lockstep with your business expansion.

Areas you should consider reviewing when streamlining IP:

  • IP & Matrix Management Consolidation
  • CRM Software Integration
  • Project Management Software Integration
  • Implementation of Online IP Management Software
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