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Strategic Considerations for IP

Take a look at your business plan. Does it include specific IP strategies for the upcoming quarters? Are there corresponding objectives for your development people to follow as they create new products to enter into the fray of your markets? If these objectives are not there, you may be missing an important competitive opportunity.

As anyone who keeps up with today’stechnology newsknows, patents are often employed through legal means to secure a degree of monopolistic control over a market segment, thus managing the behavior of its participants. If you have been overlooking the advantages of owning an effective patent portfolio,contact us. We can help clarify the risk of such a decision to you, in light of marketplace realities.

Patents alone have resulted in an unprecedented legal nightmare for companies who offer a product or service. This is especially true for successful players who become increasingly larger targets as they expand sales.

The reality of this strategic situation soon becomes apparent to anyone who is in business to make money: “Going to market with an innovative product without adequate IP protection is never a good strategy.”

Even though a particular strategy may seem correct at first, after more investigation, it is sometimes necessary to make an adjustment. Once again, we will weigh the options to make sure that going off track to pursue alternatives is in your best interest.

Go through the list below. If you see any areas that we may help develop a strategy to improve your competitive positiongive us a call:

  • Consolidating Product Plans
  • Clarify and Finalize Patent Disclosures
  • IP Integration with Current Project Plans
  • Strategic Project Network Insertions
  • Patent Filings Coordinated in Advance of Production
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